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Judge a Book by Its Cover

Book Cover Here’s the latest mock-up from the publishers for the cover of our up-coming ice cream book. I’d be grateful for feedback! Please comment. Do you like it?

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Manuscript Away!

Book I’ve sent the manuscript with the text for the cookbook off to Mercier! Very exciting. I did include a credit to the bloggers who participated with the Ice Cream Party. Now I just have to finish compiling the photos…

(The above cover, by the way, is just my mock-up, not an actual!)

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Ice Cream Party Procrastination

I have started writing up the round-up for the ice cream party, but it will take me a few days, and I’m really under pressure now to finish the book (due this weekend). Since I’m being slack, I’ll add anything else that comes in before I post the round up. So, if you still want to take part, see here. I can’t thank everyone who tested the recipes enough. There have been so many helpful suggestions!

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Final Reminder – Ice Cream Party

This is just the final reminder that there are just two days to go before I do a round-up of the Ice Cream Party! The idea of this is to help me test recipes for our upcoming cookbook. Anyone who wants to take part, see here, and get cooking! Thanks to everyone who has sent something in already!

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Reminder – Ice Cream Party

This is just a reminder that there is just over a week to go before I do a round-up of the Ice Cream Party, so start making ice cream! The idea of this is to help me test recipes for our upcoming cookbook. Anyone who wants to take part, see here. Thanks to everyone who has sent something in already!

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Attention All Bloggers! Testers (Tasters) Wanted…

Mint scoop The deadline for finishing the book is fast approaching, and while we’re busy testing the recipes here, I need some help.

Maybe you also need an excuse to make a sweet treat!!!

Many of you have made some of these recipes, and I appreciate your feedback. However, I haven’t had much feedback on other recipes.

Ice Cream PartySo… To make this interesting, I would like to suggest a food event, an Ice Cream Party, to all those who have a benevolent heart, an inclination toward sweet things and a wish to make them:

Make one (or more) of the following recipes (don’t leave it too late!), write about the experience on your blog (including any suggested changes) by 25th of November, put a link here, email me at kfionnm at icecreamireland dot com with the URL of the post, and I will -

  • Post a round-up of all the entries including links to your site
  • Include a credit to you in the book
  • Send a free copy of the book (when it’s published in April) to the 5 best posts
  • I’m trying to negotiate with my brother for some Ice Cream Ireland Official Tester/Taster t-shirts, and if that comes off they might find their way to you as well (no promises yet, I’ll keep you posted)

Sound good?

Here are the recipes, and some are very easy, some complicated. (I will change this as we go, since we don’t want everyone doing the same recipe):

First come first served!!!

(If you don’t have a blog, email me with your experience!)

I appreciate your help and would also appreciate if you could help me get the word out!



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Trip down memory lane

Keys to new shop As I’m writing the introduction for the upcoming ice cream book, I’ve dug out some of the old photos from the Murphys Ice Cream archives.

Sean and Kieran Murphy outside shop

It’s quite something to see how much things have changed since 2000, when we opened! The top photo shows my brother and I on Strand Street in Dingle with the keys for our new shop (originally Nell’s Cafe).

The photo on the right shows our first sign, and ourselves enjoying our first ice creams.

I’m so glad we got rid of the orange colour!

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Study in Ice Cream Cones 2

Sorry to put two slide shows back to back, but Mercier Press wanted a more colourful photo for the book cover than the ones I sent them previously (see here). I have to say that I think that vanilla could be the new black, and with a bit of melting action nothing more is needed, but I have to defer to professionals! Anyway, the above slide shows are the fruits of a photo session this afternoon, and I shot four cones together to add a bit of colour. I’d love to know what you, my valued readers, think!

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Kieran Murphy is a director of Murphys Ice Cream living in Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

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Murphys Ice Cream

Murphys Ice Cream has shops in Dingle, Killarney and Dublin 2 (Wicklow Street).

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