A Study In Ice Cream Cones

Honeycomb Cone Melting I’ve been trying to take a photo of an ice cream cone for the front cover of our upcoming ice cream cookbook. I think it’s the hardest thing I’ve tried to photograph, especially since we want it to be melting slightly, which we think makes it look less static. There’s so much humidity in the air that the ice cream tends to frost up before it melts. Anyway, here are a few attempts. The last one is from a few months ago… Now I’m off to the All Ireland. Chiarraí­ abu!!!

Chocolate Cone

Vanilla Cone Melting

Vanilla Cone Melting Logo

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Ice Cream Ireland Book

Ice Cream Ireland Book Mercier Press has approved our book proposal, so it looks like there will indeed be an Ice Cream Ireland book, which should be out next April. I’m quite excited! It will be a wonderful opportunity to get back in the kitchen again after a summer of scooping ice cream and get the creative juices flowing!

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Ice Cream Ireland Book?

Mercier Press A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Eoin of Mercier Press, who expressed interest in the possibility of an ice cream book. So my brother and I went down to Cork to talk to him, and I think it went well. It’s quite an exciting prospect!

Obviously there is nothing definite at this early stage. I’ll keep you posted on developments…

Eoin, by the way, has an excellent blog about the love of books and publishing issues. You can find it here… 

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