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Summer in Dublin

Graham and the Dublin team helped launch Summer in Dublin – hopefully will make many people happy!

Paper or Wooden?

Hey everyone! We go through a mountain of spoons (from all the free tastes we give out, as well as for eating ice cream on the run), and it’s really bothering us to use plastic. We’re doing a trial of wooden spoons, which are carbon neutral and compostable. However, we’re getting some customer resistance due to taste, etc. Other eco spoon options I’ve found are very expensive. What do you think?

Wooden or Plastic Spoons?

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Three New Flavours Out Today

After a lot of hard work, I’m delighted to announce that we have three new flavours out today:

  1. Irish Orange Marmalade
  2. Black Currant Sorbet
  3. Butterscotch.

Let me know what you think!

Masterclass in Dublin

I’ll be doing a masterclass at the Food and Wine Christmas show in the RDS, Dublin, on Saturday 26th, 2pm. So, please stop by if you’re about!

Big Sizes for a Big Match

There’s growing excitement in Kerry about the big match on Sunday and we’ve decided that anyone wearing county colours is welcome to a free size upgrade on coffee or ice cream in our Wicklow St. shop. So, if you’re in supporter mode, please come in to us in Dublin and say “hi!”

Murphys on Fade Street

 Our Wicklow Street shop made an appearance on RTE’s Fade Street. It’s 7 minutes in…

I finally get to meet her

I finally got to meet our new cow, who lives in and about our Temple Bar shop. She still hasn’t been painted, and she still doesn’t speak, although we hope to have her speaking tomorrow (I’ll try to take a video).

If you have ideas of a name for her, please share!

Family Business

The thing about a family business is that the entire family tends the be pulled in, even if on a very temporary basis. Here’s my sister Deirdre, who is visiting from Germany, helping decorate the Temple Bar shop…


Kieran Murphy is a director of Murphys Ice Cream living in Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

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Murphys Ice Cream

Murphys Ice Cream has shops in Dingle, Killarney and Dublin 2 (Wicklow Street).

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