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Call ’99

Just saw this. :) Of course, we’re always delighted to have the custom of our hardworking Gardai.

T Shirt Goes Climbing

Thanks to Sean’s friend Stephen for bringing one of our T Shirts up Kilimanjaro!

Enda and Ice Cream

I know that some people have misgivings about our soon-to-be Taoiseach, but I can set minds at rest regarding his stance on ice cream, since we have photographic proof that he’s supportive of this particular confection. Upwards and onwards…

Lola Likes Sorbet

This is Lola, who I met in Dingle today. She likes sorbet. Raspberry sorbet, in fact. I’ve never met a dog before who likes sorbet, even though our own Ivan is fond enough of ice cream. He’d never stand on two legs for it, though, and he’d never touch sorbet.

There’s just no accounting for taste!

Our Future Board of Directors?

 These five (some of our best customers) have a serious interest in ice cream!

They were celebrating completion of the Dingle Chamber of Commerce treasure hunt…

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 It’s been a while since uncle fever has hit this site, so here are a couple of photos of my niece Una.

The background:

We ordered some props for our Mexican Flavour Fiesta (hats, ponchos, and even mustaches – spare a thought for our poor staff), and when I arrived at our Dingle shop this afternoon, I found Una trying on one of the hats.

I thought it was so cute, I had to bolt home to grab my camera.

She had run out of patience with the hat by the time I returned, so I had to bribe her with ice cream to get her to pose. I think it was well worth it!

Anyway, we’ve made most of the fiesta ice creams, and there’s only a week to go before the food festival. We’re all looking forward to it, and I just hope our customers like the Mexican flavours as much as we do!

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3 Little Ice Cream Eaters Are We!

I hope you find these as cute as I do.

(Thanks Anna, Aisling and Rúna for posing and thanks also to their accomodating parents!)

Ice Cream is Universal

Burkha Ice Cream This was sent in by my Istanbul correspondent. As you can see, love of ice cream transcends culture…

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