Mexican Fiesta Ice Cream Flavours

 We’ve come up with our list of Mexican Fiesta ice cream flavours for the Food Festival in October. (Drum roll please!) They are:
  1. Vanilla (Mexico is the original home of this exotic orchid)
  2. Cajeta (Goat’s Milk and Cinnamon Caramel)
  3. Chocolate (Praise be!)
  4. Kahlua Coffee
  5. Praline Pecan
  6. Mango Sorbet
  7. Pay de Coco (Coconut & Almond ice cream)
  8. Mexican honey and vanilla
  9. Black Bean Chocolate Sorbet
  10. Guacamole
  11. Chocolate chipotle
  12. Corona and Lime
  13. Classic Margarita
  14. Arroz con Leche (rice pudding ice cream)
  15. Green Chilli Ice Cream
  16. Baked Plantain (or banana if I can’t find ripe plantains)

I’ll be posting some of the recipes soon!

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8 thoughts on “Mexican Fiesta Ice Cream Flavours

  1. What, no dulce de leche? Or Gin Fizz? Or Flan? Or Pepitas (pumpkin seed)? Or Papaya? The guacamole suggestion kinds scares me. Baked plantain sounds yummy though.

  2. Avocado tequila ice cream is wonderful — though not technically an ice ‘cream’ as the recipe I used had no dairy products at all. Hard to believe, I know, but the vegetable fats in Avocado gave it a creaminess that is fantastic…:-)

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