Lola Likes Sorbet

This is Lola, who I met in Dingle today. She likes sorbet. Raspberry sorbet, in fact. I’ve never met a dog before who likes sorbet, even though our own Ivan is fond enough of ice cream. He’d never stand on two legs for it, though, and he’d never touch sorbet.

There’s just no accounting for taste!

5 thoughts on “Lola Likes Sorbet

  1. She loved it almost as much as her owners did.

    We’d better put a lock on the freezer knowing she can reach that high to satisfy her sorbet craving!

    Best regards, The West Family.

  2. Lola’s not the only one! Was delighted to discover Murphy’s ice-cream in Schull this week and the raspberry sorbet went down a treat with eight year old boys.

  3. we have Airedales (amongst others!) and they love ice-cream…particularly of the alcoholic variety surprisingly 😀

    Love the site…shure im just up the road in Cork… Looking forward to reading more about your ice cream 😀



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