Paper or Wooden?

Hey everyone! We go through a mountain of spoons (from all the free tastes we give out, as well as for eating ice cream on the run), and it’s really bothering us to use plastic. We’re doing a trial of wooden spoons, which are carbon neutral and compostable. However, we’re getting some customer resistance due to taste, etc. Other eco spoon options I’ve found are very expensive. What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Paper or Wooden?

  1. At a frozen yogurt place near where I live (Massachusetts) they use compostable spoons made from potatoes. They don’t have that taste like the wooden spoons do. Not sure how costly they are though.

  2. I will eat it anyway, even if I must use my fingers! 🙂 Wooden spoons are lovely, old fashion and environmentally friendly, I’m for them.

  3. In California, some places use small metal spoons for taste testing ice cream flavors. They leave a small bucket on the counter to drop the spoons in after to be washed 🙂

  4. I’m probably a bit late with this post but there is an irish company that provides biodegradable materials including plastic cutlery which would be much more environmentally friendly. (
    Their spoons may be too large to use for taste testing but it could be something to research into.
    Alternatively is there any such thing as spoons with wooden handles and plastic tips? I’ve done a quick search with no results but if they do exist you could cut down on the plastic usage but not compromise on taste.

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