Study in Ice Cream Cones 2

Sorry to put two slide shows back to back, but Mercier Press wanted a more colourful photo for the book cover than the ones I sent them previously (see here). I have to say that I think that vanilla could be the new black, and with a bit of melting action nothing more is needed, but I have to defer to professionals! Anyway, the above slide shows are the fruits of a photo session this afternoon, and I shot four cones together to add a bit of colour. I'd love to know what you, my valued readers, think!

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12 thoughts on “Study in Ice Cream Cones 2

  1. I think I liked number two best. With that just beginning to fall drip, looks like theres almost enough time to catch it! I also liked the pop of raspberry color in your ice cream cone line up. Beautiful!

  2. My vote is for #7 – the drip on the cone is what got me. Nice work!

    BTW – I redissolved some of the sea salt and let it evaporate slowly to grow crystals – it turned out well. Some big crunchy cubes, as well as more delicate flakes.

  3. i love 7. and i hate to be a rabblerouser here, because i realize that the publishers asked for color but i find the red scoop distracting. maybe if there was one raspberry, one vanilla, one chocolate and then one…something else colorful? i just find my eye drawn immdiately to the red and since it is in soft focus, it throws the eye off…or maybe that’s just me. but now i really want some ice cream!

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