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I Hate Carrots

YouTube Preview Image It’s amazing how babies know what tastes good to them from such an early age. Róisín likes banana, apple, pear, avocado, broccoli, and of course the cereals we’ve been feeding her. This was a surprise though – she hates carrot!

Hands Off My Sundae!

 The other day, I was taking photos of sundaes in the shop, and I’m quite proud of the one above. Then, Róisín arrived with her mother, and things got messy quickly.

I think the following series tells the story:

It must be said that Róisín didn’t have any interest in eating it, but never underestimate how much fun it is to stick your fingers in cream!

Róisín’s First Meal

YouTube Preview Image

This video shows Róisín taking her first bit of solid food – Biodynamic cereal made by Holle. Perhaps for non-parents, it will be of little interest, but for me this first taste reminded me once again of the immense value and joy of food. We take it so for granted, yet something as simple as a bit of ground grain can be an exciting and overwhelming experience…

I Just Can’t Help Myself

Roisin, closeup I know I should get back to the business of blogging about ice cream, chocolate, coffee, etc., but after another day spent in the maternity ward with our new baby, I just can’t help posting some more photos. I do promise this will not turn into a baby blog (although I can’t promise Róisín won’t make the odd appearance!)
Manuela and Róisín


It’s a Girl!

baby I’m delighted to announce that my partner, Manuela, gave birth to a baby girl in Tralee General Hospital.

baby2The time of birth was Saturday, May 9th at 8:52pm. 

We’re going to name her Róisín Elena – the Elena for Sant’Elena, the island in Venice where my partner was born. 

The new baby weighed 3.3kg, and was quite tall. She barely fit into her newborn clothes.

It was a long labour, but all was well in the end. We’re both delighted!

I can go to bed happy.

I just wanted to say thanks to all the people who have wished us well over the pregnancy including our families, our friends, our customers, the people following over on Twitter and the readers of this blog!

There’s new little ice cream eater in this world!

And if her mother and father are anything to go by, she’ll have some appetite!

Below is a short video.

YouTube Preview Image

The Big Melt

Here’s something ingenious I came across on YouTube that might get you in the mood for ice cream: The Death and Life of Ice Cream.

Note: I had it imbedded, but I objected to the ads that showed up (they don’t appear when you watch it on YouTube.)

How We Entertain Ourselves

YouTube Preview Image

Scientific Effect of Ice Cream on Babies

 Here’s a little bit of ice cream nonsense we made for your viewing pleasure. I hope you like it!

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