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Fuscia Trying to take photos of ice cream and ingredients without a macro lens has been quite frustrating, so I talked my brother into letting me spend some ice cream money on my Nikon D80. After all, there is the possibility of an ice cream book, and one would want it to look well.

BumblebeeAfter much research, I decided on a Nikkor 105mm micro lens as well as Nikon’s close-up R1C1 flash system.

I have to say I’m already in love with the lens. I unpacked the lens and took it straight into the garden. The fuscia above and the bumblebee are the result.

I can’t wait to work out the flash system and try it out on food!

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7 thoughts on “New Toys

  1. Hi Kieran
    You won’t need flash for the food shots but these are great already. I splashed out on a canon 10-22mm f2.8 lens myself yesterday, more for interiors than for food and what a difference. But I’ve no money left for ice cream now!

  2. Hi Kieran. I’m saving up for the D80 myself as a coworker has one and raves about it. The pics look great. I’m still not sure on the lens. For this kind of money, a little zoom would be nice, but low f-stop like you have there and macro capability are tempting too. I still can’t decide.

  3. Camera equipment is a dangerous thing! You can always spend more… Brian, I love my D80. Whatever you get, here’s what my girlfriend (a professional photographer who uses a Canon) says: “Buy a good body without the cheap add-on lens. Then add lenses one at a time as you need and can afford them, always getting the best one you can, because an inferior lens is a total waste of money.” I took her advice and started with the Nikkor 1.4 50mm, which is great quality and not expensive, and this is my second. The low f stop is critical here in Ireland because the light is often so low. It might not matter as much elsewhere. A good zoom is huge money, and certainly is useful. However, for almost all the pictures I take (including my niece and nephew) I have the option of using the other type of zoom – my feet! Especially for static food shots, it’s easy to move the camera closer or further away… I miss the option of a zoom or a wide angle like Val’s when I’m trying to take photos of buildings or wide landscapes or am stuck in a small space trying to photograph people…

  4. Kieran, that’s some sound advice and what I needed to hear. I’ll ask Santa for the zoom and go with this lens. I was actually reading review of this same 50mm lens the other night. The main reason I want this camera is for the blog and other portraiture, so this lens makes the most sense. At 10mp, I can always crop for now.

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