Ice Cream in Space?

Sean and Cian Bungie My brother Sean and Cian, our temporary Dingle Shop Manager, decided in a moment of madness to bring ice cream into space.

BungeeWell, maybe not space, but about as high as you can get in Dingle.

At the moment, we have this crazy bungee contraption in town that basically hurls you a hundred meters into the air.

Credit to Sean, who is afraid of heights. Not only did he muster the courage to do it, but he sweet-talked the ride operator into letting him bring along ice cream.

There were a few mishaps, but perhaps it’s better to show it than explain it because there is video footage of the event, and I’ll post it just as soon as I can. It’s pretty funny…

I’m kind of jealous and might have to have a go myself this evening…

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6 thoughts on “Ice Cream in Space?

  1. That was sooooo funny, and sooo scary and oddly made me crave ice cream. Good range of emotions from one video. *ha ha* That was very brave of them two, I’m curious what flavors got to experience what no ice cream has experienced before.

  2. Sean was clever enough to bring caramel on his flight, me, in my stupidity brought my favourite flavour , chocolate whiskey. The stains may take some time to remove! And good news I found the hat, it had landed in a neighbouring garden!

  3. Chocolate whiskey flavored ice cream??? That sounds tasty! I’m impressed that real strong, brave flavors got the ride of a lifetime. I don’t think strawberry sorbet would have had the guts.
    *hee hee*

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