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Bank Holiday Madness

Killarney Shop Sorry I haven’t posted for the past few days, but this is our busiest time of the whole year.

Killarney Shop 2

The August Bank Holiday weekend is always madness, and my brother and I have been in the Dingle and Killarney shops from morning until night. It’s really the peak of the whole season, and from here, we slowly begin the return to quieter times and a more normal life.

However, it’s fun when the shops are so crowded. There’s a real buzz, and today the sun came out in earnest, and the Killarney shop was hopping. I snapped these photos in an attempt to show what we look like in high season!

Now I must go back and scoop some more ice cream!

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  1. August 13th, 2007 at 9:27 pm

    legoless says:

    wow cool! i think i was in the shop in Dingle before. i was pretty young. Hope buisness goes well!

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