I’m a Naughty Boy

Daffodils Dying Maybe it’s the lack of any kind of Spring this year here in Co. Kerry. Maybe it’s that the daffodils are dying among hail showers and North winds. Maybe it’s that it’s colder than it should be. Maybe it’s that every time the sun comes out, an astonishingly heavy shower is soon to follow. Maybe it’s simply that I’m tired from a long winter, finishing the book, and a busy Easter in the shops, but I have been feeling in dire need of an inspirational lift.

Nikon D300What did I do? Sun holiday? Yoga? Weekend retreat? No! I recklessly whipped out the credit card and splurged for a Nikon D300. The reviews have been so great and the people I know who have one so happy, that I couldn’t help myself. Hmmm. I’d better keep repeating that!

Sometime next week I’ll get a package worth drooling over, and hopefully you’ll see some good results here once I get the hang of it.

By the way, I ordered it from Conn’s Cameras in Dublin, who have a good reputation and fantastic prices on certain items at the moment. There has been some grumbling in the press about Irish businesses not passing on the benefits of the fall in Sterling, but Conn’s Cameras has done so in a big way on certain cameras and lenses. They have some real bargains. Hmmm. I’d better keep repeating that!

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9 thoughts on “I’m a Naughty Boy

  1. Congrats on the new edition to your life, may it bring you many moments of photo bliss and may it bring us oodles of slowly dripping ice cream shots…sweeeet!

  2. A friend that inspired me to get a d80 now has two d300s (he does wedding photography on the side). I think I’ll splurge on another lens or flash before tossing my d80 to the side. Your photos have been looking really great, so I think the d300 is well deserved. Does your significant other get to use it, too?

  3. Thanks, guys! Brian – I wouldn’t get rid of the D80 at all. I’d do exactly that – get the lens. A good lens is an investment that you could well have forever. I was quite happy with the D80 and would definitely suggest it (as I think I did to you). The problem is that I gave mine a big knock, it’s off for repairs, and it might well not make sense to fix it…

  4. Oh my Kieran what a wonderful new toy, and I thought I’d been splashing the cash yesterday.

    Do let us know how you find it won’t you.

    May it bring you many many times of joy.

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