Do Dogs Need Ice Cream?

Ivan the Dog Thinking about Ice Cream A reader of this blog passed on the following tidbit – there is actually a company that makes frozen treats for dogs. Yes, indeed, Polar Pups in Chicago makes soy-based doggie ice cream.

Ivan, the ice cream dog (shown above), has been known to enjoy an ice cream. In fact, he loves to hover outside our shops in the hope of distracted children and dropped cones, so maybe there is something to it. Mind you, I think he likes the actual wafer bit better than the ice cream, unlike the insatiable ice cream cat.

However, we try to keep their intake to a minimum, and other Irish animals shouldn’t get up their hopes when it comes to what we do. We’ll be sticking with ice cream for humans. For all other species wanting a taste, hanging around outside our shops is a pretty good bet. Something’s bound to fall…

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5 thoughts on “Do Dogs Need Ice Cream?

  1. That picture is awesome – very very cute. Our cat always loved to lick the finished icecream bowls if we had it for pudding. I hear ‘human food’ isn’t so good for animals…though it didn’t seem to do our cat any harm.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my treats on your website! Hopefully some day soon I’ll be able to expand to Ireland and contribute to doggie happiness in your wonderful country.

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