Don’t Leave Ice Cream Unattended!

Cat with Ice Cream Cone Today, I wanted to take a couple of photos of ice cream. I put out a cone to do some exposure tests, then went inside to fetch a different lens.

Cat licking lipsI hadn’t noticed the presence of Gatsby, the ice cream cat, but when I returned with my lens, I caught him making the most of his opportunity.

Cheeky creature!

It’s kind of hard to take photos while laughing, but I managed to snap off a few.

Gatsby doesn’t like much being the object of humour and knew he was riding his luck, so he stalked off pretty quickly.

Funny as it was, I don’t think this sets a good precedent.

No doubt taking photos of ice cream at home has just become that little bit more difficult!

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13 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Ice Cream Unattended!

  1. hahahaha, that’s so funny! Fans of every shape, size, and species eh? This reminds me of when I was younger and still living at home. When ever we ate ice cream the cats would gather round us hoping for a taste. The signal was when the spoon hit the bowl and clinked, they’d come running. Knowing they could get the bowl then. Great photos!
    Hey I think I might need to confess I NEVER eat ice cream from a cone. It detracts from the ice cream experience for me. But I love the look of cones in a photo. Do you all make waffle cones at your shop? Waffle cones are the only ones I eat on the very very very rare occasion.

  2. I agree – I’m not a fan of these wafer cones. Still, it’s hard for us to get waffle cones intact (roads in these parts can be pretty bumpy). I’ve always wanted to make our own waffle cones, and maybe we shall!

  3. I always wanted to try making waffle cones at home. Would be a fun experiment, I know they make little waffle cone maker machines…hmm perhaps I ought to tell Santa in time for Christmas, haha. I like the waffle cones that have a slight chew to them, combined with the crisp. Either my memories are making the waffle cones of my childhood sweeter or they really were that good.

  4. This would not have been a problem around my old friend “Buzzy”, he would devour the entire cone top in about 3 seconds! Neither man nor beast would have a chance to steal a lick.
    Ever watch a child drop the top off a cone in front of a dog or cat?!?! Oh, the tears of the child and the utter joy of the animal!
    What great memories this brought back!

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