Still in Love?

Dingle Shop at Night I got a package in the post yesterday – the folks at Leica managed to resuscitate my old camera, which is quite amazing, given that it was dumped in the sea. Either that, or they gave up on the repair and sent me a new one (perhaps more likely since it’s positively gleaming).

However, I have to say my cheating heart has been completely won over by my new Nikon D80 in the meantime, and I also love the 1.4 fixed lens I bought for it. It lets in so much light and makes so many things possible.

The above photo was taken just before the Dingle shop closed for the season, just after dark, without a flash. I used a tripod. The blur is a passing car.

Change back from the D80? I think not. I do still love the Leica, though, and I guess it will be my travel camera, since it’s so much more compact…

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2 thoughts on “Still in Love?

  1. Kiern,

    Have read with interest your comments about your new D80 DSLR. I too have recently entered the Digital SLR world of Photography with a Canon 30D.

    As I said in my last reply to one of your postings, we are visiting Dingle in Feb. and I plan to really give the Canon a work out, fueled I sure, by many helpings of Murphy’s Ice Cream.

    Ron Quimby

  2. It was a difficult decision between the Nikon and the Canon. In the end the Nikon was quite a bit cheaper. My girlfriend uses the Canon 30D for work (she’s a news photographer). I’m sure you’ll find it a great camera, and I hope you’re having as much fun with it as I am with the Nikon…

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