Scanning Slides

Sean eating cake I’ve been a bit distracted here not only with the new camera, Christmas preparations, and planning for next year, but also with a project I have undertaken – scanning slides.

Most of our early childhood and family photos are in the form of slides rather than prints, and I figured it was definitely time to save and share them before they deteriorate further. So I borrowed a slide scanner and got to work. Hundreds of photos on CD will be a good Christmas present for everybody in the family.

70 Ireland KidsThere are some beauties among them – above is my brother Sean on his first birthday, working on his sweet tooth in preparation for life as an ice cream man.

On the right is myself (left) and my sister (right) outside the family homestead in Cork with our cousins by marriage, the O’Learys…

Sadly, I still haven’t found one of me with ice cream!

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New Toy – Christmas Comes Early

Sachertorte Christmas has definitely come early to Ice Cream Ireland as I have received my gift to myself, a new camera. I had never bought a replacement for the Leica (that ended up in the sea back in August), and have been getting by with a little Canon that has very few creative controls and isn’t up to the job at all (although it takes decent video).

Anyway, after some research and advice, I decided on a Nikon D80, and it arrived promptly from Technikdirect in Germany, who had the best price. (Note: the manual and documentation are in German, but you can download an English version from the Nikon website. Also, the plug for the charger is continental, but a cord from an old charger of mine fit perfectly).

I bought the body and a fixed 1.4 50mm lens for starters, since there always seems to be low light in this country. I’ll be playing happily for the next few days, and I think the early results, such as Wiebke’s Sachertorte above, look promising!

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Playing with Slides

I have been playing with slideshows, which I think could a great addition to a food blog such as mine, especially for recipes or tips and tricks, instead of a video.

The above was created in It sure is a pain, though, to figure out how to make it work with WordPress. (It's quite easy with other blogging programs...)

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