Happy New Year, Everyone!

Here are a few videos… first, one of the fireworks in Dingle on New Year’s Eve:

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Here’s Michéal O‘Muircheartaigh giving a play by play of New Year’s Eve on the bridge in Dingle:

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Finally, a little clip of the John Street Wren:

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I wish you all the best for a happy, healthy and hopeful 2010.

What Do You Mean Summer’s Over?

The last few weeks have been very stressful, and I’ve been working far too hard, but yesterday was such a beautiful day in West Kerry that I couldn’t help taking some time off and heading for Doonshean Beach with Manuela and Róisín. What a wise move. It was utterly magic!

Róisín has absolutely no fear of the sea (or of cold water) and it was all we could do to drag her away when we started worrying she was getting too cold. Here are a couple of videos, and I apologise that I forgot to hold my iPhone sideways!

The first shows her love affair with the water:

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Her tastes are also a bit eccentric, and here’s what she had as a snack:

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Grab it if you can – ice cream in Istanbul

YouTube Preview Image

This video makes me want to immediately catch a flight to Istanbul to eat Maras Dondurmasi (Turkish ice cream) and it makes me wonder – is it always to difficult to get yourself an ice cream ?

What do you think? Is this good craic? Are we a bit boring in the way we serve our ice cream?

Áine, Photographer

My niece, Áine, is in Ireland, and she has brought with her a seriously old-fashioned, fully manual camera, a 1978 Exa 1, which were manufactured in Dresden. She’s shooting black and white film, and in the age of digital images, her photos do capture a mood that I miss. Below are: 1. Áine in the Dingle shop 2. Ailish 3. Claire making coffee 4. My nephew Ryan with my mother in the background. I think she’s showing talent!

Photos courtesy of Áine Goodman.

Wonderful, Fun Holiday

YouTube Preview Image One of the nicest things about having a shop is that a day is often full of surprises, since you never really know who will walk in the door. This video shows the day’s best surprise – a family who had a song about their West Kerry holiday, and their little boy performed the song for me, since it featured our ice cream and waffles in our seasonal Tig Aine shop.

I’m still smiling…

A Little Digression – Joys of Parenting

Yesterday, I took a day off, and since my partner had to take photos for the Dingle Film Festival, I had even more time than usual with Róisín. I know it’s been said before, but there is such an awful amount one can learn from a 10 month baby. She has just started to really notice her surroundings, pointing out things of interest, and it’s hard not to be swept up in the wonder of the most mundane objects (see video below).

With food as well, there is such a sense of joy, playing and exploration. Her encounter with a chocolate-covered biscuit (photo above) was quite amazing (although her mother wasn’t impressed), and of course everything, including sticks from the garden (photo right), end up in her mouth.

I think that keeping that sense of newness is always important in businesses as well as life, and even though sleep has been a bit of a challenge, I really have found having a baby has helped in so many ways with work.

Understanding the preciousness of life, responsibility, caring, joy, wonder, love – these are all things I try to carry into my days making and selling ice cream.

Work has its stresses, the news all around us can be depressing, but thanks to Róisín, there is now not a day that passes when I don’t give thanks for what I have.

She truly is precious.

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