Model Citizen

 The ice cream man had to turn model yesterday, as I had a visit from top photographer Catherine Karnow, who has done excellent work for National Geographic, among others. She was sent by my alma mater, who are writing up something on the book for the alumna magazine. It was an interesting morning, but I hardly think I’ll be stepping out on the Milan catwalks any time soon…

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2 thoughts on “Model Citizen

  1. I haven’t had the time to read blogs recently as have been run off my feet for the last few months but after talking to him at Young entrepreneur show in Kerry and hearing both of your stories from scratch it made drew me back here! Glad to see that you are still doing the great work on the blog. I took his card and said that if we are down filming that way ( which we intend to soon) we will pop in and get some footage of you and the ice cream!


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