Under the Rainbow

 Like many people, I suppose, I’ve always wondered what’s at the end of the rainbow.

Well, I think I might have an answer.

After snapping the above photo at the back of the house, I came out the front, and saw the rainbow again, seeming to end right on the ice cream van.

We’ve had our second consecutive rainy summer, and it does have some effect on business. However, If Murphys is indeed at the end of the rainbow, this winter might be easier than expected!

Unfortunately, there was no pot of gold on the front seat, so it seems there’s still going to be some digging involved…

4 thoughts on “Under the Rainbow

  1. a ha! I knew there was something fabulous at the end of a rainbow…and to think the leprechauns have been brainwashing me all these years with tales of Gold…Gold? Pbbbbt, who wants gold when they could have ICE CREAM!!!!!

  2. Yippeee… a gigante 4-wheeler white treasure van! Oh and there’s the other rainbow too. According to my community’s folklore, rainbows come in pairs as everything on earth should be (even though I knew what caused the 2x rainbow) 😀 Though I tasted Kerry Gold Butter, I haven’t been to Ireland but now I knew my reason will be! I hope to find your book in my local bookshop.Glad to find you online 🙂

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