Gratuitous Cake Photo

Strawberry Cake My brother wanted me to take a couple bird’s-eye photos of cake slices to help standardise the decoration and presentation in our shops. When he brought up this slice of strawberry cake with strawberry ice cream, I couldn’t help zooming right in for a close-up since it looked so yummy. Needless to say, this slice didn’t make it back downstairs intact…

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4 thoughts on “Gratuitous Cake Photo

  1. That looks soooooo summery and nice and I am kicking myself six ways till Sunday that I came to your site on an empty stomach…and not a strawberry in the house. That is a gorgeous photo!

  2. I have just spent a blissful hour reading your blog and salivating over the recipes. I will be sharing this new found joy with all my foodie friends. Checking out the links alone will keep me busy for days. Thank you

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