Healthy Lunch in Dingle

An Grianan Dingle An Grianan, the health food shop in Dingle, has renovated and added a few tables for lunch. It’s a welcome change from the usual fare, with a small but tasty selection of organic food and freshly squeezed juices.

An Grianan Food Today, to escape the pelting rain, we went in for a vegetable curry and an omelette with asparagus salad. Everything was delicious.

An Grianan, if you don’t know it, is just off Green Street in the centre of town.

It’s worth a visit!

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3 thoughts on “Healthy Lunch in Dingle

  1. The day I visited Dingle was four years ago, the day of the final of the Football World cup and guess what? It was pouring with rain on that day too!! I would love to visit again but not in the rain, it did spoil the day a tad. I’ve still got the fetching rain hat i bought at one of the local shops there, never worn it since, but it came in very handy that day. I’ll never forget the friendliness of the locals and other visitors in the pub where my husband went to watch the match, they were great. Next time I come I will look out for your ice-cream shop and hopefully have the weather to go with it!

  2. Sorry! Just realized it must have been more then four years ago, but it was the World CupFinal that was being televised and it was pouring with rain. Would it have been the final before last? A senior moment of mine, I apologize for the confusion!!

  3. It’s easy to get confused when it comes to rain! It can, at times, make the days and years indistinguishable. Still, there can be sun as well, and we’re hoping for more of it!

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