Two Scoop Cone

 The other day, I set out to take some photos of a two scoop cone, and I’m kind of proud of the results.
I’m very lucky in photographing ice cream (never an easy job) in that I have an ice cream shop right there to help me, and so have a pretty good chance of getting a good looking cone. All that’s left then is to try to capture it before it melts.
With these photos, I set up simple blue and green sheets of paper next to the window in the office upstairs and used the natural light and the camera on a tripod with a fairly slow exposure.
The photo on the right was my brother’s favourite, and it’s aready up as a poster in our shops.
It’s still astonishing to me how quickly one can do things if you do it in house (well, not the poster printing)…
Anyway, it was a good creative break in a season that keeps getting busier. I’ll be doing more scooping than blogging, so please bear with me if I don’t post quite as regularly as I should…
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5 thoughts on “Two Scoop Cone

  1. Great photography skill. Your ice cream photos make me come back often for more DRoooolings…haha great site. Thanks for sharing ur great ice cream recipe. Did the Irish Cream Liqueur Ice Cream and it came out fantastic. 🙂 Btw I added 1 tbsp more of the Irish Cream . Will post on my blog soon. Haha…my photography skill sucks though 🙁

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