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Dingle Walking Festival

If you like the outdoors need an excuse to visit our beautiful part of the country, here it is: The Dingle Walking Festival, on this weekend. We hope to see you!

Competition for Fungie?

Fungie is clearly not the only mammal who finds Dingle an attractive place.

For the last few weeks, and seal has taken up residence on the pier next to my parent’s house in Cooleen.

I think it’s a pup or perhaps just a small one. In any case, he’s very, very cute.

Naturally he’s not there all the time, but if you want a chance to see him, walk along the breakwater where the Fungie boats are parked. Look for the old wreck of a boat. The slip is just in front of it.

Let’s hope he sticks around!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Here are a few videos… first, one of the fireworks in Dingle on New Year’s Eve:

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s Michéal O‘Muircheartaigh giving a play by play of New Year’s Eve on the bridge in Dingle:

YouTube Preview Image

Finally, a little clip of the John Street Wren:

YouTube Preview Image

I wish you all the best for a happy, healthy and hopeful 2010.

Murphys @ Tig Áine’s Reopens Today

I’m happy to announce our seasonal our shop at Tig Aine in Graig is opening this weekend. It’s on Slea Head drive, and I highly recommend stopping in (and not just for the ice cream!). There are ducks, geese, goats (including the two babies shown in the photo above) and the surrounding landscape is really special. If it’s a meal you’re after, Aine’s restaurant next door will give you a nibble with a view, and we’ll be serving the usual ice creams, sundaes, coffees, etc., all far away from the hectic summer bustle of Dingle town…

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Feile na Bealtaine 2010

Feile na Beltaine Anyone lucky enough to be in Dingle this weekend can enjoy the magic of  Feile na Bealtaine, which runs until May 3rd. There’s so much going on, that perhaps it’s just better for you to visit the festival website and check it out for yourself!

To give you a sense of the fun, here’s a little clip of a violinist from the RTE Orchestra who happened into our shop and played for his ice cream.

YouTube Preview Image

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Spotted in Brooklyn, NY

This photo was sent in from my US correspondent, Cynthia. It was on a car in Brooklyn, NY. Looks like the Dingle name battle has some far flung warriors!

West Kerry Sun and Music

I’ve been remiss in posting, but it’s been a busy Easter in our shops, especially once the sun finally came out.

This week, Dingle is hosting the Pan Celtic Festival, and the festival certainly seems to be blessed as there were many of us here who looked at the schedule with some amusement since so many events were scheduled to take place outside, and the weather for the two previous weeks was ferocious. However, the rain passed, the sun’s been shining, and we’ve been treated to the colourful Welsh (photos above) as well as other musicians and dancers about the place.

The fierce gale of Easter Monday and the freezing weather before that is quite a hazy memory at this stage, and there are many in Dingle who have brought out summer dresses and short sleeves and started talking about whether we might just have a bit of good weather over the summer after all. It’s been three bad summers in a row, but when the sky above is blue, when there’s music on the streets and the scenery of West Kerry looks it’s best, it’s hard not to feel a burst of optimism and start to dream of beaches and barbecues and sultry days ahead…

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Wonderful, Fun Holiday

YouTube Preview Image One of the nicest things about having a shop is that a day is often full of surprises, since you never really know who will walk in the door. This video shows the day’s best surprise – a family who had a song about their West Kerry holiday, and their little boy performed the song for me, since it featured our ice cream and waffles in our seasonal Tig Aine shop.

I’m still smiling…


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