Changing Times

Christophe, our steadfast ice cream maker, who has been with us for almost 10 years and was our second hire as a company,  is leaving us to open a restaurant on the tiny South Pacific island of Futuna. He is from that part of the world (New Caledonia), and I can certainly understand the attraction to heading back to balmy winds, hot sun and white sands.

We’ll miss him very much. He has brought so much to Murphys Ice Cream over the years and been a guardian of our quality. We owe him a debt of gratitude and wish him well.

This means that we will be short an ice cream maker, and we will be hiring.

If you are interested or know of someone who would like to live in beautiful Dingle (or does already) and make ice cream for a living, please email our production manager, JP Houlihan, with a cover letter and CV.

Bonne chance, Christophe!

3 thoughts on “Changing Times

  1. Wow! Big changes! Best of luck.

    Every time I see one of these ads I want to cry. I want to come live in Dingle and make icecream, I so do.

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