Property By the Beach – Really Cheap!

I wrote about Christophe leaving a little while ago, and he’s been busy selling many of his possesions in preparation for heading off to the South Pacific.

One item he hasn’t sold yet is his caravan, which is in Cuan Pier, Ventry. I thought it just might be of interest for some of my readers, so if you want to get in touch with Christophe about buying it, here’s his email. He’s asking €2,000 for the mobile home and the caravan site rental is €1,100 a year.

2 thoughts on “Property By the Beach – Really Cheap!

  1. I had the cash and would have loved it, sadly that had to go on a much needed and long waited for car…. this time. But thanks for posting this info. And good luck to Christophe.

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