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We’re Big in Japan


This was forwarded to me and appeared in LEE magazine in Japan. I’m afraid I don’t know what it says, but if you can translate, please do!

Artisan Producer of the Year

Award09 I’m delighted to announce that Murphys Ice Cream has won Artisan Producer of the Year from Food and Wine Magazine. Thank you to our whole team!

Awards2Blazing Salads Bakery and Gubbeen Smoke House were highly commended and commended, and I congratulate both of them and encourage you to seek them out.

For your information, Chapter One won Restaurant of the Year, and Sunal Ghai won Chef of the Year.

The Tannery won best of Munster, and the Park Hotel was entered into the Food and Wine Hall of Fame.

The full list is in this month’s Food and Wine Magazine.

Inside, you’ll also find a great list of artisan producers and farmer’s markets.

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Top Baking Blogs

Seems I’ve been included in the top Baking Blogs from the Daily Reviewer. Don’t know if that means anything. ;)

Ice Cream Examined

Ever the last couple weeks, there have been a few interesting articles on ice cream. Click here for Ollie Moore’s piece, that appeared in the Examiner, about ice cream, cows and Murphys!

There was also an article in last Sunday’s Tribune, which talks about ice cream in Ireland, with thoughts from my brother Sean – click here.

Finally, the Independent had a great article on the 10 best beaches for food lovers, and we’re delighted Ventry (and ourselves) made the list! Click here.

Chill Out! Desserts Magazine

dessertsmag For those of you with a penchant for ice cream (and I’m assuming, given this site, that’s most of you!) you might wish to check out the current issue of Desserts Magazine.

I’m not just saying that because they have a full three spreads on us (here), including the black sesame and Irish whiskey recipes, but they have loads of interesting ideas, including a sassafras ice cream rootbeer float, a caramel ice cream Guinness float, a “Sunset Sorbet” which sounds divine: prickly pear and tequila are the prime ingredients, and even ice cream sushi!

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Image Magazine Gives Our Vanilla 5 Stars


I was delighted to see the above in this month’s Image Magazine (although my brother and our excellent production team may have some quibbles as to whether it’s my ice cream!)

Anyway, if you want to make our vanilla ice cream, the recipe is here, and I promise there is no glucose or invert sugar!!!

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Off to Donnybrook: Today with Pat Kenny

For anyone interested, I will be on Today with Pat Kenny on RTE Radio One  today, talking about ice cream and the state of Irish  foods.

Murphys on Moncrieff

For anyone interested, I will be on Moncrieff on Newstalk at around 2:35 pm today, talking about ice cream.


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Murphys Ice Cream

Murphys Ice Cream has shops in Dingle, Killarney and Dublin 2 (Wicklow Street).

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