Artisan Producer of the Year

Award09 I’m delighted to announce that Murphys Ice Cream has won Artisan Producer of the Year from Food and Wine Magazine. Thank you to our whole team!

Awards2Blazing Salads Bakery and Gubbeen Smoke House were highly commended and commended, and I congratulate both of them and encourage you to seek them out.

For your information, Chapter One won Restaurant of the Year, and Sunal Ghai won Chef of the Year.

The Tannery won best of Munster, and the Park Hotel was entered into the Food and Wine Hall of Fame.

The full list is in this month’s Food and Wine Magazine.

Inside, you’ll also find a great list of artisan producers and farmer’s markets.

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14 thoughts on “Artisan Producer of the Year

  1. Congratulations! Well deserved – I spent a delightful weekend in Dingle recently and tasted my way through a lot of your shop. I am also cooking my way through your ice-cream book!

  2. Well done!

    And just to let you know, we were talking to an Italian lady last weekend about ice creams (where to buy a good one etc.) and she said that the best one she had ever had here was yours in Dingle – almost as good as an Italian ice cream, she said 🙂

  3. Slow as ever to wish you warmest congrats. Nothing short of deserved, of course, but still nice to get a chance to formally say well done all! And man but that woman has grown since last we met!

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