Simplicity – In a Complex Kind of Way

We’ve decided to try out the deconstruction idea in our Dingle and Killarney shops. We’ll see how it goes for a few weeks and hopefully then expand it across the business if all parties agree it’s a good idea.

Again, the idea is to have simpler flavours and then sell them in pairs. The flavours will be designed to go together, so that two simple flavours, when paired and served together, will create a complex flavour (such as sea salt + caramel = salty caramel, or raspberry sorbet + Kerry cream = raspberry cream, etc). Hopefully it will make for a more exciting, customisable ice cream experience, although people will still be able to have a single flavour if that’s all they wish to have.

We’ve already started the process by switching over some flavours and changing others. Here will be the 16 spring flavours:

  1. Vanilla
  2. Dark Chocolate
  3. Chocolate Chip
  4. Honeycomb
  5. Raspberry Sorbet
  6. Kerry Cream
  7. Burnt Caramel
  8. Chocolate
  9. Coffee, Guinness, or Brown Bread
  10. Kilbeggan Whiskey
  11. Sea Salt
  12. Cookies
  13. Baileys
  14. Rum Raisin
  15. Mint
  16. Strawberry

We haven’t yet made all of them, but we have made the sea salt and Kerry cream, and so far customers really seem to be loving those two! The sea salt ice cream, though weird on its own, is a delight with caramel or dark chocolate, and the Kerry cream is such a pure flavour that goes with just about anything.

It’s a work in progress.

11 thoughts on “Simplicity – In a Complex Kind of Way

  1. Hi Kieran, I am wondering if you have done any experimenting with licorice ice cream? would love a recipe or ideas if you have! I just made your mint ice cream, and it was awesome, thanks for sharing your recipes! if I am ever in Ireland, I am sure to visit!

  2. We did make a licorice ice cream, and I thought it was very tasty. However, it was one of our worst selling ice creams ever. Funny, though, there are people that loved it, and they still ask for it. I’ll try to dig up our recipe. I think I might have added some alcohol in some form, but I don’t remember.

  3. Thanks for that! I was just given 50 egg yolks and 5 cups of cream from my Aunty, so more ice cream on its way! I think the Strawberry Sage is next! dad quite eating shop ice cream for health sake, but now we can make real stuff that taste better, he loves it!

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