Sixteen Shades of Chocolate

Chocolate Ice Cream Cone My chocoholic streak has triumphed over all sense, I think, as we’ve decided to take all our other ice creams out of our shop‘s scooping cabinet for the Dingle food festival and serve up only chocolate ice cream. Sixteen flavours of chocolate! My brother is as excited as me (he shares a common chocolate gene). Here’s the line-up:

  1. Valrhona Tanariva (milk chocolate)
  2. Chocolate Hazelnut Praline
  3. Chocolate Sorbet with organic ingredients
  4. Chocolate with Baileys
  5. Chocolate Love (with raspberry and chocolate shavings)
  6. White Chocolate
  7. Valrhona Single Estate: Palmira
  8. Mixed Belgian and French Chocolate
  9. Black Chocolate Sorbet (using cocoa and 100% Lindt Chocolate)
  10. Chocolate Whiskey
  11. Skelligs (strawberry and champagne) truffle
  12. Stracciatella (for the faint at heart)
  13. Aztec Chocolate with chilli peppers and other spices
  14. Chocolate Crunch (with caramalised nuts)
  15. Chocolate and Honeycomb Swirl
  16. Mocha

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