Valentine’s Day, Part 2

Valentines Sundae Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a raspberry sorbet and strawberry ice cream sundae we’re making for Valentine’s day…

We also made champagne sorbet, and even some pink champagne sorbet for our shops to make the day special for our customers.

Champagne Sorbet with Raspberry creamBy the way, a handy little trick if you’re making a romantic dessert this evening is as follows:

Whip some cream and once it is firm mix in some crushed or pureed raspberries or strawberries until they are completely incorporated.

It gives you a dramatically pink cream for decoration. And even better, it tastes good too!

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2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day, Part 2

  1. I am not even going to lie about how jealous I am about the pink champagne sorbet…oh to be in Dingle…hope all is well…NYC is super snowy.

  2. Hi Kieran,

    First time reader, i will try the recipe above and see how I get on….hopefully it will be a nice surprise!
    I will be back for more tips!

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