Pink Champagne Sorbet

Pink Champagne Some time ago, I stopped into Bubble Brothers asking for Marsala wine, which was ridiculously hard to find in this country (it’s a great dessert wine used for tiramisu, zabaglione, etc.). They told me loads of chefs had been asking for it, but they didn’t stock it.


This week, I found myself in the English Market in Cork, so I chanced stopping by again. I was most delighted that they had brought it in and now stock it. Thanks, guys! (By the way, they also have an interesting blog).

Since I was surrounded by lots of wine and wanted to make the most of it, I perused the champagne section for a rose, which I had wanted to try in sorbet for a while and had promised as a birthday present for Lady K.

They were all sold out except one brand –  Fleury. This champagne is made from 100% pinot noir grapes, and since it was a brut, I was hoping it wouldn’t be sickly sweet in the sorbet.

Pink Champagne Ice Cream

Today we opened the two bottles I brought back, and the champagne has wonderful flavour – it wasn’t too sweet at all. It has the added value of being not only organic, but biodynamic, although it doesn’t trumpet the fact on the front of the bottle. Apparently it was the first champagne certified by Demeter.

I finished making the pink champagne sorbet this evening (no, we didn’t drink it all!). If you want to try it, use the recipe I gave here and substitute pink champagne for the Dom Perignon. Just make sure the pink champagne you choose is not too sweet!

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5 thoughts on “Pink Champagne Sorbet

  1. Hi Kieran,
    Thank you for another tempting recipe – and of course for your choice of wine merchant on this occasion.

    I’m especially proud of the Marsalas we now stock (in fulfilment of the promises I’ve made to many of our customers in recent years). Choosing our supplier, Frazzitta, from all those that sent samples was an illuminating and educational experience, because we didn’t have too much practical prior knowledge about the product. For once, the best range and packaging corresponded with what were clearly the best wines: the decision made itself in the end.

    Pink champagne is very much flavour of the month at the moment! Our suppliers have held us to strict quotas, which explains why we hadn’t more of a choice for you in the Market shop. If the Fleury has whetted your appetite, come down to the Wine Depot next time and I’ll sell you a bottle of our Gallimard rosé, a lovely champagne which I’m keeping back for restaurants and suchlike who already have it on their list. When the current stock is gone, there’ll be no more till next spring, but I could certainly part with a bottle or two.

    We’ve almost made up our minds to order a pink frizzante (like Prosecco: more foamy than fizzy) in the next few weeks. Might be worth a try in the sorbet, if you can save any once people get a taste of it!

  2. I just happened upon this site last night by accident while researching the luxury goods marketing industry (simultaneously, and ironically, avoiding studying for a marketing exam this morning), and it just so happens my two best friends have, respectively, a strange infatuation with Champagne and cooking and I with all things French. I think we shall try this recipie in the very near future.

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