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Pregnant Bakers and Flags in Dingle

Wiebke Pregnant Imagine my surprise when I stopped by the production today to take care of some bits and pieces, and there was Wiebke, our baker extraordinaire (and my brother’s partner), with a couple of freshly baked cakes for the shops.

She is three days past her due date, but there is no stopping her! Hopefully very soon I will be able to post some baby photos of my new niece or nephew…

Munster Flags

In other news, the flags have gone up very late in support of Kerry and their encounter with Mayo in the All Ireland Final. Maybe it’s due to disappointment over not meeting Dublin or just general complacency given the result of the 2004 final, but the lack of excitement has been quite pronounced.

In fact, there are more flags up for Munster than for Kerry, but then the Heineken Cup is coming to town this afternoon.

Still, there is a small buzz growing around the place – a slowly building sense of expectation. I plan to be there in Croke Park, but I would be very surprised if the final is as easy as it was the last time we met Mayo…

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One Response to “Pregnant Bakers and Flags in Dingle”

  1. September 11th, 2006 at 2:56 pm

    gilly says:

    Now THAT’s dedication!
    Best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery – how exciting!

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