O Brother, Where Art Thou?

MysticIceCream-sm Some time ago, I asked you, dear readers, for the best ice cream shops in the US. I have never received so many comments and suggestions, and I thank you for them!

My brother Sean has headed over now, your suggestions in hand, and he is doing an ice cream dash. Above is a photo he just sent, taken on his way to Boston from New York. 

I’m hoping that he will write a guest post (or three) summing up his US ice cream experience.


4 thoughts on “O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  1. Well, you’re closer to Paris, so go visit David Lebovitz and ask him if you can try some of his homemade ice cream. Or bring some of yours along and trade. ;D

    I hate to say it, but good old fashioned Breyer’s Vanilla ice cream from the grocer’s freezer tops my husband’s list (I favor my own homemade).

    Here’s a list of places recommended by Jersey folks (New Jersey folks, that is):


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