Dingle Food and Wine Festival, 2009

One of the things that has made the Dingle Food and Wine Festival (October 2nd-4th) such a standout over the last years has been the taste trails – pairing shops and cafes with food producers to offer food beyond the usual places – restaurants and supermarkets – and put it all around the town. It’s worked a treat – fun and unexpected.

I’ve just received the list of this year’s taste trail, and it’s impressive!

2009 Dingle Food and Wine Festival Taste Trail:

  • Adam’s Bar – Spinach Pancakes
  • An Canteen – Neil’s Homecooked Delights
  • An Grianán – A Taste of Organic Snacks
  • An Moncaí Ocrach Youth Café – Sweet and Savoury Pancakes
  • Ashe’s Seafood Bar – Scallop and Prawn Kebabs & Seafood Soup
  • Bee’s Tea’s – A Taste of Their own blend Fine Tea’s
  • Benner’s Hotel – A Taste Of Old Ireland
  • Blue Zone – a Taste of the Zone
  • Charthouse Restaurant – A Sample of Karwig Wines
  • Cúl Gairdín Wholefood Café – A Taste of Their Fine Produce
  • Curran’s Bar – A Seafood Counter with Ballyhea Seafood Soups, Ted Brownes, Wild
  • Side Foods & Glenbeigh Shellfish
  • Deirdre’s Café – Seafood Chowder
  • Dillon Gallery – A Taste of Ninth Island Wine
  • Dingle Bay Hotel – Longs Smoked Salmon pâté
  • Dingle Crystal – Wattle Tree Wine’s
  • Dingle Reel Fish and Chip Shop – Fishy Fishy Treats
  • Doyle’s – A Taste Of The Sea
  • Finn McCools Surf Shop – The Dingle Dingo’s Aussie B.B.Q.
  • Fish at the Marina – Crispy Chilli Squid and sesame fried ricecake.
  • Fitzgerald Centra – Medal winners from Blas na hEireann ’09
  • Foxy John’s Bar – A Taste of Ashe’s Black and White Pudding
  • Gallery Beag- A Taste of Ted Browne’s
  • Garden Café – Ruggero’s Italian Delights
  • Garvey’s – Medal winners from Blas na hEireann ’09
  • Global Village – Porter House Irish Pale Ale and Asian Scallops
  • Goat Street Café- The Wine Buff and Sweet Things
  • Greenlane Gallery – Wine tasting with Bubble Brothers
  • Half Door Restaurant – Fishy Bites
  • Hannie Agnes’s Bar – Piog Pies
  • Irish Artman Gallery – A Wine Tasting with Pallas Foods
  • Jerry Kennedy Butchers – Samples of their Excellent Produce
  • John Benny’s Bar – Oysters and Guinness
  • Lantern Town House – A Taste of Sweet Things
  • Marina Bar – Steamed Glenbeigh Mussels w Homemade Brown Bread
  • McCarthy’s Bar – A Taste of the German Butcher
  • Murphy’s Bar – A Taste of Murphy’s Bar
  • Murphy’s Ice Cream – Pride of Place – A Taste of Irish Ice Creams
  • Novocento Gourmet Shop – Fernando’s Excellent Pizza Slices
  • O’Cathains Fish Shop – Seafood B.B.Q.
  • Out Of The Blue- Tim’s Taste of the Sea
  • Paudie Moriarty Butchers – A Taste of his Fine Produce
  • Paul Geaney’s – Paddy’s Cottage Seafood Paella & Stuffed Mussels
  • Quills, Strand House – Spiritual Chocolate
  • Sheehy’s Spar – The medal winners from Blas na hEireann ’09
  • Ti Koz – A Festival Crepe
  • Tir na Rí – Taste of China
  • Waterside Restaurant – Suckling Pig and Crab Toasties

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Live Longer, Eat Chocolate!

ChocSquares I’ve written several times about studies that show the health benefits of chocolate, including here and here. None of those studies, however, were as dramatic as a recent study in Sweden that shows that eating chocolate at least twice a week cuts the risk of dying for heart attack survivors by a factor of three. That’s right! You’re three times less likely to die if you’ve suffered a myocardial infarction, recover, and then gobble chocolate.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, was led by Imre Janszky at the Karolinska Institute. It also shows that chocolate cuts the mortality rate in healthy older men and post-menopausal women. So, if you’re in your golden years, make them a bit sweeter with a regular dose of chocolate.

As for me, any thoughts of tackling my chocolate addiction have been brushed well to the side. I’ve a good 70% bar staring at me that needs attention, so that’s all for now!

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Irish Food Producers – Deadline Looming!

Just a note to Irish food producers – if you wish to enter the 2009 Blas na hEireann awards, the deadline for sending in your application is September 11th.

You can download it here.

If you’re not an Irish food producer but know one making excellent products, please spread the word! I’m sure they could use a bit of recognition.

Via Gizmodo – Ice Cream-Filled Bananas?

Niamh, who works with us, brought my attention to this article on Gizmodo. It’s a 1932 patent for an injector that would fill bananas with ice cream. I think there could be possibilities there.

Given that the patent must have expired by now, if anyone is going to go ahead and produce such a device, let me know!