Live Longer, Eat Chocolate!

ChocSquares I’ve written several times about studies that show the health benefits of chocolate, including here and here. None of those studies, however, were as dramatic as a recent study in Sweden that shows that eating chocolate at least twice a week cuts the risk of dying for heart attack survivors by a factor of three. That’s right! You’re three times less likely to die if you’ve suffered a myocardial infarction, recover, and then gobble chocolate.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, was led by Imre Janszky at the Karolinska Institute. It also shows that chocolate cuts the mortality rate in healthy older men and post-menopausal women. So, if you’re in your golden years, make them a bit sweeter with a regular dose of chocolate.

As for me, any thoughts of tackling my chocolate addiction have been brushed well to the side. I’ve a good 70% bar staring at me that needs attention, so that’s all for now!

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5 thoughts on “Live Longer, Eat Chocolate!

  1. Good stuff.

    We’ve been doing some serious research on this subject, too. We use pure poudre cacao rather than cocoa mass or butter in our own gelato, owing to the significant fat reduction & lack of chemical process if said cacao is extracted via the Broma method; & have been delighted to learn of the significant health benefits as a result.

    Our chocolate gelato is (in total) only 7.7% fat, & we now are able to use less actual chocolate without compromising rich, intense flavour, in this way.

    So as health proefssionals recommend consuming chocolate which is high in cocoa solids whilst low in cocoa butter – (which both your Murphy’s & our own Lovespoon Gelato, are); plus also being rich in essential antioxidants (as well as supporting the obvious benefit of pure milk’s lovely vitamins, minerals & calcium) – traditionally-crafted, naturally low-sugar, low-fat ice cream makes it a healthier not to mention tastier treat, as well.

    And with cocoa’s higher level of flavonoids, the benefit to cardiovascular health (specifically, LDL cholesterol levels & active reduction in blood pressure)is proven to improve blood flow after consumption.

    Rich, pure cacao (rather than refined chocolate) may subsequently help to achieve health benefits to the heart & other organs (extending even to effective brain functionality regarding learning & memory).

    Well; I certainly feel better, after consuming a pot of our Chocolate & Orange Gelato, during a particularly taxing afternoon of lectures…!!!

    Good on you for an excellent, health-benefiting product.

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