It’s Getting Closer to Chocolate Time

Lorge Chocolate Easter Egg With apologies to everyone who has given up chocolates for Lent, I must say that I’ve been in a bit of a chocolate haze today. Not only have I been making  chocolate hearts for Mother’s Day, but we’ve received our yearly Easter delivery from Benoit Lorge for the shops.

Another Lorge Chocolate EggThey look great as usual (and you should know that they are filled with his delicious truffles). He’s also added a chocolate bunny to go with his chocolate hen.

If you don’t know his chocolates, seek them out! They are fantastic.

Seeing them, I’m kind of inspired. Maybe we’ll make some ice cream Easter Eggs again this year…

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3 thoughts on “It’s Getting Closer to Chocolate Time

  1. Thanks for sharing those wonderful easter egg photos. I hope to visit Lorge shop this summer … too late for easter eggs but I’m sure there’ll be loads to choose from!

  2. They look fantastic, and I’ll bet that they aren’t sickly sweet either.

    (I’ve actually found myself doodling ideas for Easter cupcakes and cookies. Clearly my tastebuds have a much better idea of when Easter is this year than my brain does. Must check that out…)

  3. Just saw these Easter Eggs for real … the Donnybrook Fair have a shelf dedicated to Lorge. Beautifully boxed truffles but the eggs are something else. The colors, speckles are so unusual.

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