Kerry Lodgings Top Tripadvisor

Killarney with Snow Mountains It’s fantastic to see Kerry guesthouses doing so well on Tripadvisor. Of the top five hotels, based on guest ratings, four are in Kerry. Loch Lein Country House tops the list, followed by Killeen House – both are in Killarney. Heaton’s and Castlewood House also make the top five.

Of the top B & Bs and guesthouses,  Emlagh House in Dingle and Friars Glen in Killarney are in the top five.

Good to know that we’re still able to extend Kerry hospitality and have it appreciated!

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2 thoughts on “Kerry Lodgings Top Tripadvisor

  1. I’ve stayed in the Friars Glen and it is well worth a top rating – absolutely gorgeous and the breakfast was wonderful. Must visit again sometime…

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