A Little Bump

I wrote some time ago about ice cream and fertility, and it would appear that ice cream is indeed powerful, since my girlfriend (and serious ice cream-o-holic) has become pregnant. As you can see from the scan above, there is little doubt as to the father.

So there it is, and fingers crossed. The times they are a changing. God willing, there will be another little ice cream eater in this world come May.

27 thoughts on “A Little Bump

  1. Kieran – Many congratulations to you both!
    We look forward to more and more exotic flavours over the next few months as the demands from “Mum to be” get more challenging!

  2. Oh how exciting! Congratulations!

    You know, it wasn’t long after posting about those two recipes I borrowed from you that I myself got pregnant… coincidence? I think not! 🙂

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