Ice Cream Helps Fertility?

Pregnant Mom Sky News covered a story yesterday that’s been going around the media: ice cream can help women conceive. The study, done by Harvard School of Public Health nurses, involved 18,555 women, aged 24 to 42, with no history of infertility.

(My mother, shown pregnant with my brother Sean above, was not part of the study, but certainly favoured her ice cream!)

Researcher Dr Jorge Chavarro said those wishing to get pregnant “should consider changing low-fat dairy foods for high-fat dairy foods; for instance, by swapping skimmed milk for whole milk and eating ice cream, not low fat yoghurt.”

I always knew that ice cream could make you happy and relaxed, and that it’s a great addition to a romantic evening in, but this is good news indeed! I look forward to meeting some Murphys Ice Cream babies (if there aren’t some out there already)!

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