Notes from Dublin

 Wilde and Green I am now back in Dingle, with my trips hopefully behind me for a bit, and today I spent much of the day happily making loads of chocolate sorbet for the shops.

However, I wanted to pass on a couple tips from Dublin:

1. If you live in the Milltown area, check out the new food shop, Wilde and Green (photo above). It’s really beautiful inside and has a tasty array on offer (including a good selection of our ice cream). It also contains a Liz Earle shop – more on that here. Shop address: St. Anne’s, Milltown Road, Dublin 6.

2. Morton’s has added a cafe as part of their refurbishment of their Ranelagh shop. The coffee was excellent, the whole places looks fantastic.

Happy eating!

2 thoughts on “Notes from Dublin

  1. Excellent tips thanks, got my Mum coming over shortly so will drop in and pay them a visit.

    BTW, your book finally came from Amazon today! Now all I need is an ice cream maker… x

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