Printed Cakes

Printed Ice Cream Cake This might interest some of the bakers out there – for our book launch, we had edible icing sheets printed with the book cover for a honey lavender andΓ‚ single-estate chocolate ice cream cake. There are obviously many applications for this – from photos of kids for a birthday to a wedding couple for a wedding cake.

There are quite a few companies on both sides of the Atlantic who print edible icing for cakes. If you’re really gung-ho you can even buy your own printer with edible ink. For us, it was just a once-off for fun.

We ordered our’s from in the UK, and they were very responsive and helpful.

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5 thoughts on “Printed Cakes

  1. The cake looked (and tasted ) amazing!! Congrats on a great launch and a great book πŸ™‚

  2. Is that meringue around the edges? Don’t tell me you baked the ice cream cake? Anyway, it looks very tasty.

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