Want a job making ice cream?

Christope and son Since Christophe’s son is sadly a bit too young to help out, we’re looking for a production assistant for the summer, with the possibility of the position becoming permanent. So, if you want a summer in Dingle making ice cream, you can send a CV to:

  • JP Houlihan, Murphys Ice Cream, Strand Street, Dingle, Co. Kerry
  • You could also email it via this site, and I will pass it on.

Baking or other food background helpful, and love of ice cream a must! Legal only.

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7 thoughts on “Want a job making ice cream?

  1. Hi there. I am not looking for a job making Ice Cream. However, I was wondering if you would be interested in a link exchange. I would return the favour with a little bit of advertising for your site from mine. Please have a look at my site and let me know what you think.

  2. Aw, perhaps in a few years when I can convince my boyfriend to make good on our plans to move from Canada to Ireland. Until then, I’ll be sitting here, wishing I were the lucky person who gets to have such a fantastic job – while I keep looking for a way to pay off the student loans I took out to go to school for baking and pastry arts. Siiiiiiigh.

  3. I want the job! Maybe we should just move south. Sigh. What a perfect fantasy.

    And what a cutey twosome.

    THe pictues of the National Park are beautiful too – do the walk, do it! My uncle hikes and finds it transcendent. Anyway, you have to burn off the icecream and business stress somehow!

  4. hi. I speak inglish a little.

    I´m from mexico, and now I am studiging inglish for 6 month. in México I have 6 store of ice Cream. maybe I can help you. in my ice cream store I have 60 – 70 diferents flavors the ice cream.

    ok that´s all. have a good day.

  5. Hi, we are a couple with several years of experience in ice cream production, we are looking for a job for this season, we would be glad to work for your company, we’ll send you mail with ours references to your mail adress (dingle@murphysicecream.ie)
    Luca & Wioletta

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