Ode to the Park

Moss on Trees Today, I found myself in Killarney to do some bits and pieces for the shop. This last week has been such a whirlwind with the book coming out and lots of other things going on with the business (including a visit by a Japenese TV crew). So I took the opportunity to sneak off for a walk in the National Park.

Boatman with PaperEach time I go, it is balm to the soul. There is so much peace and beauty in the place, that even when it’s packed with tourists it’s a haven.

Today, however, there weren’t many people about, especially for a dry Saturday. The mood was gentle and lazy. Boatmen chatted or read the paper. Jarveys snoozed on their jaunting cars as their horses grazed away.

Dog and DucksThe lake rippled, the leaves rustled, and the ducks and swans paddled around aimlessly, even when a dog jumped in beside them to cool down. He emerged quite happy and shook himself. The ducks paid no attention.

A couple of Italian tourists walked ahead of me on the path, then stopped to kiss. I kept on walking. Soon I was alone except for the spectacular abundance of nature.

Field of flowersAfter an endless winter, spring is finally here on over-drive. The trees are sprouting leaves in record time, and the meadows have blanketed themselves with flowers in the past two weeks.

The scent of them is overwhelming, and as I walked I thought about the week-long trip I booked to Barcelona. It suddenly seemed to be a bit of a mistake.

Killarney BoatsWho needs Spain with weather like this? Although I’ll be happy enough with the buzz of the city, with the museums, sights, and tapas, perhaps a better vacation would be to simply grab my hiking boots and keep going in the park.

I’ve always wanted to walk the Kerry Way, stopping at bed and breakfasts each night. I have never done it, instead just dipping in and out from time to time. The mountains, however, looked so inviting today and the paths so soft that it was hard to turn away.

Sometime quite soon I’m going to do it. I’ll head to Killarney to take an hour walk and not come home for several days.

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3 thoughts on “Ode to the Park

  1. What a wonderful photo tour! I am supremely jealous of the guy out in the boat reading a paper, just sitting there. Too bad you didn’t have an ice cream cone on hand that you could toss out to him…ohhh or a cook book, haha just sitting there chowing down on ice cream and reading how to make it…..now you’re all like “shaddup dafty, I was trying to get away from ice cream for a bit” HAHA Great photos, I really enjoyed them thanks for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous! The water looks lovely.
    Did you have any ice cream on hand? I could
    go a nice ice cream cone right now.
    Btw, I would love to work for you this summer.
    But sadly I am unavailible. Oh well, I will just
    buy your book and pretend I work in you shop
    as I make the recipes.
    Best wishes, Kimme

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