Sweetness in Dublin


My brother Sean and I have headed to Dublin to visit some accounts and attend the Digital Media Awards tomorrow night. Tonight, we decided to splurge and feast at Thornton’s. Here’s a video of the desserts. Mine was a warm chocolate tart with raspberry sorbet and rasberries. Sean had a blood orange souffle with mandarin sorbet. Memorable!

For those interested, Kevin Thornton has a lively blog here.

5 thoughts on “Sweetness in Dublin

  1. Wow Kieran – looks amazing. I am very jealous. As memorable as Murphy’s I wonder!? 😉

    Don’t know if you got my email, but please disregard, as I will now be there and with any luck so will Grandad from Head Rambles and Fiona from The Waiting Game! 😉 Look forward to finally meeting you both!

  2. Deborah – Yeah – should be a bit of craic. I did say I’d cover for you. And Sarah, it was very good (especially the desserts), and very expensive. I liked that the menu is quite short (three options for a la carte main course). The wine list was impressive, as was the fact that Kevin Thornton came out of the kitchen and went table to table greeting…

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