Sixteen Shades of Chocolate, Part 2

16 Shades of Chocolate I forgot, in writing my previous post, to say how things went with us and our Sixteen shades of chocolate! Both my brother and I were slightly concerned at taking away vanilla, honeycomb, raspberry sorbet, and all of our other popular flavours for the food festival to make way for a scooping cabinet filled only with chocolate ice creams.

How foolish! Customers were transported. It made my chocoholic heart melt to see the ecstasy and beaming faces. We offered a scoop with Valrhona special reserve melted chocolate on top as a festival special. I don’t think we’ve ever witnessed such abundant happiness!

Many thanks to our staff, who staunchly coped with the onslaught and allowed me to run around on festival business…

By the way, Laura, who showed true pioneering spirit in coming down for the first annual festival (along with her “lesser-spotted specius ice-cream fiendius”), has posted a photo of my brother and I doing our cooking demonstration here. I think Laura and Fiendius definitely get the award for customers of the year!

On a final note, I think it would be pretty cool to somehow include food bloggers in the next year’s festival. Maybe we could set up a blogging wifi kitchen. Any ideas?

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5 thoughts on “Sixteen Shades of Chocolate, Part 2

  1. It was chocolate heaven! Well done Kieran. And you forgot to mention the yummy single estate chocolate sauces! mmmmmmmm

  2. Anything with chocolate in is an excellent flavour for ice-cream. Whenever given the choice, I go for something indulgent with chocolate in, like Ferrero Rocher, never anything fruity. Good on you for ditching raspberry! Though I have to admit, honeycomb ice-cream sounds gorgeous…

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