Affogato Al Caffe, Part 2

Affogato Al Caffe I wrote here already about one of my favourite treats – the Affogato al Caffe, but I thought I’d revisit it after trying it with the Kahlua Espresso ice cream. I thought it was sublime, so if you do make the ice cream (here), definitely try it! The warm espresso and cold ice cream, with a huge coffee kick, is pretty close to heaven.

To make an affogato, you simply take a scoop of ice cream (we like to serve it in a small coffee cup) and pour over some espresso (we use a single shot run long, in other words, an espresso lungo). In the shops, we serve the shot of espresso on the side and let the customer do the pouring.

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5 thoughts on “Affogato Al Caffe, Part 2

  1. Well, I’ve got the ice-cream in my freezer next step coffee…
    I’m going to have to pace myself though it needs to last until my next trip to Dingle!
    Sublime is the perfect word.

  2. I almost need to lick the screen! Another American food blogger here (moving to Dublin in the fall!), excited to find an Irish food blog like this. I might have to visit Dingle with all these amazing photos.

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