Dingle Peninsula Food and Wine Festival

Dingle Food and Wine Festival I’ve been involved with a group planning for a Dingle Food and Wine Festival for this coming October (12-14th). It’s a very exciting prospect, indeed!

Dingle Chefs with LobstersIt will consist of tasting menus in restaurants, cooking demonstrations, and food trails. There is still much to finalise, but we did get Valerie O’Sullivan, a Killarney-based photographer, for a photo shoot with about 20 Dingle chefs, so we could start putting some marketing materials together.

The festival website is here, but it is still under construction. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Dingle Peninsula Food and Wine Festival

  1. Hi folks
    Good luck with the food fest,we hope to be there to sample some of your lovely ice cream. We are currently on the north coast. What a place.Tried some Mullins ice cream in Portstewart,what a treat.Does anyone know who makes this.Is it an Irish product.Can we buy it in England?
    Anyway hope to see you all at the food fest.

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