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Food and Wine Magazine I’m happy to say we have three (!) mentions in this month’s Food & Wine magazine. (Their website seems to be down, but I’ll try to put in a link as soon as I can). Their summer issue is well worth a read, containing as it does their “Hot 100” list. It contains quite a few references to Spain, which is no surprise given how chic Spanish food is at the moment, but more about that and my trip later. 

Besides listing our Killarney shop and a piece on us under food producers, they also used my ice cream drink ideas on the back page. Talk about blogs meeting mainstream media…

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5 thoughts on “Food & Wine

  1. Kieran,

    That is wonderful news! I’m a Food & Wine subscriber and can’t wait to get this issue to see for myself.


  2. Well done Kieren!! Nice to see the hard work being appreciated. I have to say this month’s issue is a lot better than it has been!! Nice simple summer recipes, exactly what people want. I liked the top 100 too!!

  3. Congrats Kieran!
    Spotted the article(s) during the week. As you are now even more officially the ice-cream guru could you help me partner a lonely salted cashew nut caramel brownie with a suitable Murphy’s ice-cream soul-mate!
    Consultants fee cheque is in the post.

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