Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Murphys Ice Cream Tubs I wrote here about Superquinn dropping us and asked for our customers to contact their local shop if they wanted us back and let their feelings be known. We also put a little bit about it on our website. Well, the good news is that we have been asked back into five of their stores, and hopefully will be on the shelves by the middle of November.

We are delighted not only to regain the lost business, but also because we have always felt it is one of the best fits for our brand outside of the small gournet shops.

I believe a huge part of this was due to the many customers who contacted them. We are so grateful to all of you who did…

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2 thoughts on “Thanks, thanks, thanks!

  1. Re-do your packaging! The empty blue&white implies a generic/ingredient item. Your label should make a sumptuous/tasty/gourmet impression. Brighten things up + add artwork: “Inside: a very tasty dessert!”

    It’s too bad you can’t just hurl a marketing blitz on how you’re so exclusive, you’re only available < here >, now. Every 3mo’s, blitz again for limited-run items. Simultaneously, establish presence at major public/outdoor events, with either pre-stocked vending carts, or personal service where appropriate. Create specialty items, specifically for those events, and vend them nowhere else.

    Commission a small run of elegant literature, which reinforces your gourmet/exclusive underpinnings — maybe a catalog, or small book with your history. With the right mix, you would have the “Haagen Dazs effect”: perceived exclusivity, with skyrocketing marketshare.

    Court someone in the fashion-industry, to become the “face” of your brand. Aim high: a supermodel would cover all demographics.

    Lastly, commission short runs of holiday/season-themed items, aligned with limited-run products + gift-baskets. Briefly show them in your ad-blitz, but price them exclusively and permit supplies to run out immediately. Advertise the price. Everyone will want them.

    The product is already proven. It just needs: exposure-> mindshare-> marketshare-> profit.

  2. Wow! Thanks for the time and trouble to write all of that, BM. Much appreciated. The generic package had to be generic since the print runs are so large that we couldn’t do each flavour seperately. However, you’ll be happy to hear that we are now in the process of printing our top four flavours with a graphic and printed ingredients.

    You’re other ideas are very interesting. We’ve been talking about some of them – i.e. events and will definitely mull all of them over!

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